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Here's more on that boycott against Sew Fast/Sew Easy that was posted about earlier...


Here is the original SFSE website... I'd never heard of them before this, let alone bought their products, so I guess if I were to boycott them it would only be in theory or something. But if everything that's being said is true, what they've done is pretty crappy!
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hi there! i just found this community through boredom LJ searching and im pretty excited that i did because its what ive been looking for! i have been wanting to learn how to knit for some time now but i cant ever find any free/low cost classes around here to take. can you guys help me please? i can already sew, cross stitch, and do embroidery but i would LOVE to learn to knit! any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much. :)
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Time for a par-tay

Just a reminder...

The 1st Annual Chattanooga Stitch 'n Bitch Holiday Throw Down will be held tomorrow night from 7pm until whenever I can get you bitches out of my house.

If you would like to bring food or drink, feel free. However, I have gone a bit nutso with the party planning, so do not feel obligated to bring anything. We will certainly let you in the door empty-handed.

If you need directions to my house, reply to this post, or drop me an email at magnolia(underscore)coffee(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Also, feel free to bring your knitting (or not). We won't force you to knit if you'd rather sit around and eat and chat instead.

um, I'm an idiot

Accidentally posted something in here that was supposed to go to my personal journal. I deleted it, but I apologize if it popped up on your friends list by mistake.

In other news, Heather, still waiting on those willy warmer images you promised to post...

Some unhappy crafting news

I realize this will interest two people (as the Heathers seem to think alike), but I was absolutely horrified to find out that the Print Gocco is being discontinued.

Is it wrong of me to think of spending money intended for other's christmas presents to snatch up one of the few remaining ones and a big heap full of inks, screens, and bulbs??

Anyway, a website announcing and attempting to prevent the inevitable gocco demise:

SnB Tonight: 12/13/05

In case you missed it, Jennifer, the owner of Stone Cup posted the following message in the comments for the last entry:

Hi, It's Jennifer from Stone Cup. I hope you can get the word to your group that we have posted some winter hours (only until March!!) and we are closing at 10 p.m. instead of 11 p.m. through the week. I think is so cool that you meet at Stone Cup and I am flattered that you come there. Maybe you can start a bit earlier in the winter.?? We should name a coffee drink after you all! Thanks!

Jennifer Stone

I, personally, am planning on showing up a bit early tonight. (Sometime around 7:30.) I know not everyone will be able to do this, but I just wanted to give people a heads-up about the new hours.

Also, don't let me forget that we need to do some minor party planning for next week.

Can't wait to see everyone tonight! Happy Tuesday and happy knitting!

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Hi everybody! I just joined and wanted to say howdy. I'm Rachael, mainly a crocheter but recently a somewhat clumsy-but-improving knitter, thanks to Cindy/killinmesmalls. She's really been talking up the Chattanooga SnB for quite a while now, so I figured it was time for me to join up with you in LJ-land. I'm at school in Atlanta but as soon as I get home for Christmas break I'm definitely going to accompany her to Stone Cup for some stitchin' and some bitchin'... two of my favorite activities!! You all sound like a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it.