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Hello All!

First Intro:

I'm female, short, in my late 20's and a fiber addict. I just recently moved to the area, and am loving the town and surrounding countryside. I mostly knit, but am learning to sew and hoping to learn to spin very soon. I've been knitting for a couple of years, and am currently delving into Selbuvotter, because I love the patterns and also have chronically freezing hands and a greyhound to walk every morning. Obviously, insanely complex traditional wool mittens are the only answer. I also aspire to knit embarrassing sweaters handsome, upscale knitwear for my needle-nosed goofball elegant hound to show off to all the neighborhood dog-walkers. :)

Followed By Plea for Help:

I have a bit of a sock emergency. This morning one of my teensy sock needles was broken in a tragic four-year-old vs. couch collision. I had to order this set online, and would much rather find some to buy locally. But I'm having a hard time finding anyplace that might sell such a thing around here.

Tell me it's not true that the only nice LYS-type-places are ONLY open Fridays and Saturdays???

If this IS the ugly, ugly truth, then which shop would you recommend once my agonizing wait is over?

Thank you in advance for your kind support.
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