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Yarn Works off of Broad St.

Hey guy  & gals!


Couple of weeks ago I checked out Yarn Works. It's a little place just off of Broad St. I was pleased that in additon to yarn, they carried a selection of fibers for HAND SPINNING!

WOO HOO! A breakthrough for Chattanooga. Used to be I'd have to order online or go through earth guild.
They have a nice selection of sample fibers and can also order for you.

They are open Friday and Saturday only right now but do a lot of workshops and classes at other times.

Their yarns were nice but pricey. But good yarn don't come cheap unless you make it yourself.

So is anyone interested in learning how to  handspin yarn? I was thinking about teaching a workshop on it this fall - I'll do a seperate post if anyone is interested.


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