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Sewing & Crafts...Tuesdays & Fridays 6-8PM

The Ridgedale Sewing & Crafts Society
Hosts regular Sewing & Crafts get-togethers 
6-8PM Tuesdays (Sewing) and Fridays (Quilting & Crafts)
Upstairs Meeting Room 
Parks & Recreation Building
1102 South Watkins St

Just around the corner from Barking Legs Theater...
From Dodds Ave, turn onto 12th street between the Souf Market and the Funeral Home, 
Proceed on 12th Street for 3 blocks, 
Turn right onto Watkins Ave, 
Parks & Rec Building is on the right, 
Entrance at rear by the flagpole. Plenty of Parking.

Non-Ridgedale residents are always welcome! 
Please Come! This meeting place is HUGE! 
Our sewing group loves meeting with other craftspersons and welcome other sewing groups to come and join us!

The Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts society is under the auspices of the Ridgedale Community Association.
We exist for to provide opportunities in the Ridgedale Community to learn and practice sewing and crafts. 
However, we welcome all residents of Chattanooga who share our love of crafts. 
(and we have a few regulars from Brainerd and East Lake to proove it!)

For more information: 
Contact LOIS at 423-697-1890.

How to get involved:
There are some days we cancel at the last minute due to other obligations. 
If you like you can add your name to the contact  list when you attend a session and sign in. 

The Facilities and materials and Supplies:
There are over a dozen long plastic topped buffet tables that we spread out on to cut out our fabric patterns. I do virtually all my fabric cutting here for my big projects. 
The room is well-lit, and we have some materials on site for general use as well as a few used sewing machines that were
donated by the Pro-Sew Shop on Dodds Ave. 
We also have a selection of fabric that has been donated by members of the community
to help us provide opportunities for people to affordably learn sewing. 

Some of things we have taught and learned from one another:
How to operate a Sewing Machine
How to read a sewing pattern
How to lay out and cut out your fabric from a pattern
Hand Quilting
Embroidery: Chain Stitch, Stem Stich, Satin Stitch, Cross Stitch, Chicken Scratch Embroidery, couched thread embroidery
Introduction to pattern drafting

We currently have a 3-pronged fundraising campaign to raise money to buy a new serger. 
1. Making aprons for $5 each.
2. We put out a cuss jar at meetings (5 cents per swear word) that is slowly raising funds for the serger.
(Some of those little old ladies can get quite bawdy sometimes!)
3. Preparing handsewn linen dishtowels for sale.

Current Service Projects:
1. We are also making doggie chew toys with squeakers to donate to the Humane Society. 
2. Upcoming projects: we will be making police vests for the Stuffed bears that the police hand out to children
who are taken into protective custody.

Future Plans:
We plan to set up an annual arts festival in the park around the Corner on 12th St next year.
and would like to set up a crafts market a couple years down the road. 

Hope to see you there!

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