Missy (themissiah) wrote in snbchattanooga,

Next Chattanooga Church of Craft Gathering

The next Chattanooga Church of Craft Gathering will be on Sunday - April 20, 2008.

It will be at...

Greenlife Grocery from 3 - 5 pm (upstairs in the deli)

Greenlife's address is 301 Manufactures Road in Chattanooga.

Bring friends and a project, or just come and hang out with us. Please don't bring overly large or messy projects. We have limited room (we will be at tables). We embrace all kinds of creativity, including and NOT limited to knitting and crochet. We also are a very diverse group, so all are welcome.

To find out more about us, go here. Help us promote by printing and passing out the flyer on this page to anyone you think would be interested. Thanks!
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