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A more proper introduction / future meetings?

Hello again. I've had a chance to glance trough the last few archives and I'd be interested in helping to revive activitiy in this group if anyone is interested.

A little about myself.  I do both hand an machine sewing, historic costume and special occasion sewing (usually draft my own patterns), many forms of hand embroidery, some needlelace, beadwork, handspun yarn, some more modest levels of weaving (usually with more primitive looms - cardweaving, backstrap looms, navajo, tapestry, and some pile rugs), natural dyes on both fibers before spinning into yarn or felting up, and of yarns and fabrics in small batches (a few yards in one batch is all I can hold in my my current stockpot collection), felting, leatherwork,  some knitting but no crochet (it appears to be my blind spot), papermaking, and some carving (soapstone, amber, bone, and chip carving on wood). 

I'm horrible about throwing away scraps so a quilt may be in my future this year to reconcile some of those scraps. 

Also done some painting and drawing as well - I'm at least functional in that area. 
I also love cooking and tea parties and gardening. 

I'm active in a living history group called the Society for Creative Anachronisim (or SCA for short), which researches and recreates pre-1600 Society by practings the arts and the pastimes at events they hold on weekends. That's where I learned a lot of my advanced skills. 

When not playing in the SCA, I'm active in my community sewing group the Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts Society that I posted about previously.  It's mostly a bunch of little old ladies with a very excellent and sometimes bawdy sense of humor (you know when you get old you don't have to care about what other people think). Sometimes they have me laughing so hard I get stomach cramps. 

It's the first time I've really got to play with a successful sewing group, you know, where it's like you imagine an ideal sewing group can be in your mind's eye, where everyone has their own few areas of expertise, so anytime someone has a problem with a project, there is usually someone who can figure out the answer to the problem, or offer a couple solutions for the person working on the project to consider. We all come to the table with a lot of entheusiasm and gain vicarious pleasure from one another's projects. 

I've got several large sewing projects coming up this year that require huge hours of handwork, and I'd like to have some of it being around other people. So if anyone wants to get together one night at one of the coffee houses or bookstores and work on our projects, I'd be interested. And once I get this darn parlor done, I might just be able to host a tea party/stitch n bitch if anyone is game to attend. Just a thought. 

I'd also able to teach if anyone is interested in learning anything. If there are a few people who want to learn the same thing, we could do a workshop. No huge fees or anything - although depending on the class and project I've seen workshop material fees run between $2 and $10 for something really fancy.

I realize that making regular posts are the key to this community showing up on any searches anyone does on crafts in the chattanooga area, so I'll try to post once a week, and if anyone else is on this list that would like for this group to become more active, it might be nice to do a post saying what you are working on. 

I've been trying to save my money lately and not go out to eat so often, so I've been cooking at home a lot. A surprising crafting side benefit has been that one uses a lot of yellow onions in "low-cost cooking".  I have been saving the papery onion skins so I can make a batch of yellow dye for some wool that I'm going to be spinning up into thread.  I've got a few other natural dyes stashed away, so a natural dye workshop might be something to consider.
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