my_lady_f (my_lady_f) wrote in snbchattanooga,

Intro and info on Ridgedale sewing group

Just found this group searching through LJ communities related to Chattanooga. 

I'll post a longer intro sometime this weekend after reading the archives. 

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the Ridgedale Sewing and Craft Society. 

We meet on Tuesdays (sewing) and Friday (Quilts & Crafting) nights from 6-8PM in the upstairs Meeting room of the Parks & Rec Dept at 1122 Watkins St in Ridgedale (that's the neighborhood between Highland Park and Missionary Ridge.  The entrance is on Watkins between 12th and Vance. (it's across the street from the RL Stowe Dye & Finishing plant.

The pro-sew shop donated a few machines to us and all sorts of people have donated fabrics and craft items. 
Our main goal is to have a place for the residents of ridgedale to learn and practice sewing and crafts, but we welcome interested parties from surrounding communities - we have a couple of folks from Brainerd and East Lake amongst our regulars. 

Meetings are pretty informal, we all teach each other and work on our own projects. We have about a dozen members give or take a few, and several of them are on a vintage apron kick. (a couple of months ago it was skirts).

Will post more soon. For now I'm Late! 

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