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Chattanooga Stitch 'n Bitch

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9th January 2011

my_lady_f3:48pm: Stop the Spammers!
Can someone who owns this list please stop the Russian? Spammers?

22nd February 2009

my_lady_f11:30pm: Knitters Meetup Wed 2/25/09
Last week we had three folks show up.

This week the Knitters Meetup is
Wed 2/25/09 at 7:30 PM
The Stone Cup 
330 Frazier Ave Chattanooga
Directly aross the Street from the Chevron Gas Station
FYI. it's free parking after 4:30 PM
You can also park behind the building on River St and come up the metal stairs that go to the porch with outdoor seating.

Comment here or email me at patienceneeded@yahoo.com if you want to recevie email notifications.

Everyone interested in knitting is welcome, regardless of experience level. Look forward to seeing everyone!

17th February 2009

my_lady_f11:21pm: FEB MEETUP! Wed. 2/17/09 @ 7:30 PM

I'll be at the Stone Cup Fraiser Ave Wed. 7:30PM
I sent an Email inquiry out to E to find out if the regular group is still going.
I'll also email the people on my list as a reminder.
I've got 2 projects I'm working on right now that I'll be bringing.


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6th February 2009

my_lady_f12:42am: Latest project: Fingerless gloves
I've been working up my own patterns. 
I had a friend who wanted a pair of fingerless gloves/mitts, so I had her send me some measurements,
and this is what I made for her:

She wanted them joined between the fingers, so I had to work that out:

Now I need to make a pair for me!

So what have you guys been working on?
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30th January 2009

my_lady_f8:26pm: February Meetups?

It's so dreary out, I thought it would be nice to host a get together sometime in February to work on our knitting.
I live behind barking Legs Theater right off of Dodds. Would anyone be interested in a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? 

I'd put out hot tea and cookies.....yeah, I admit it...it's an excuse to pull out the china.

Please comment or email if interested: patienceneeded@yahoo.com 
Include "February meetup" in the subject line if interested.

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9th December 2008

yinlite11:38pm: Still having SNB on Tuesday nites? Hope so....
Hi! I'm Karen and am feeling hopeful that some of you are still meeting on Tuesdays at the Stone Cup (or sometime, somewhere!). Are you? Thanks for letting me know where and when so I can come out for all the hoopla...;-).  Happy Holidays to everyone! (I'm new to livejournal, too, so in case my email doesn't show, it is karenspath at hotmail dot com.

28th September 2008

fibrefiend2:13pm: Hello All!
First Intro:

I'm female, short, in my late 20's and a fiber addict. I just recently moved to the area, and am loving the town and surrounding countryside. I mostly knit, but am learning to sew and hoping to learn to spin very soon. I've been knitting for a couple of years, and am currently delving into Selbuvotter, because I love the patterns and also have chronically freezing hands and a greyhound to walk every morning. Obviously, insanely complex traditional wool mittens are the only answer. I also aspire to knit embarrassing sweaters handsome, upscale knitwear for my needle-nosed goofball elegant hound to show off to all the neighborhood dog-walkers. :)

Followed By Plea for Help:

I have a bit of a sock emergency. This morning one of my teensy sock needles was broken in a tragic four-year-old vs. couch collision. I had to order this set online, and would much rather find some to buy locally. But I'm having a hard time finding anyplace that might sell such a thing around here.

Tell me it's not true that the only nice LYS-type-places are ONLY open Fridays and Saturdays???

If this IS the ugly, ugly truth, then which shop would you recommend once my agonizing wait is over?

Thank you in advance for your kind support.
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9th September 2008

my_lady_f6:13am: Yarn Works off of Broad St.

Hey guy  & gals!


Couple of weeks ago I checked out Yarn Works. It's a little place just off of Broad St. I was pleased that in additon to yarn, they carried a selection of fibers for HAND SPINNING!

WOO HOO! A breakthrough for Chattanooga. Used to be I'd have to order online or go through earth guild.
They have a nice selection of sample fibers and can also order for you.

They are open Friday and Saturday only right now but do a lot of workshops and classes at other times.

Their yarns were nice but pricey. But good yarn don't come cheap unless you make it yourself.

So is anyone interested in learning how to  handspin yarn? I was thinking about teaching a workshop on it this fall - I'll do a seperate post if anyone is interested.


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18th June 2008

my_lady_f11:04pm: Sewing & Crafts...Tuesdays & Fridays 6-8PM

The Ridgedale Sewing & Crafts Society
Hosts regular Sewing & Crafts get-togethers 
6-8PM Tuesdays (Sewing) and Fridays (Quilting & Crafts)
Upstairs Meeting Room 
Parks & Recreation Building
1102 South Watkins St

Just around the corner from Barking Legs Theater...
From Dodds Ave, turn onto 12th street between the Souf Market and the Funeral Home, 
Proceed on 12th Street for 3 blocks, 
Turn right onto Watkins Ave, 
Parks & Rec Building is on the right, 
Entrance at rear by the flagpole. Plenty of Parking.

Non-Ridgedale residents are always welcome! 
Please Come! This meeting place is HUGE! 
Our sewing group loves meeting with other craftspersons and welcome other sewing groups to come and join us!

The Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts society is under the auspices of the Ridgedale Community Association.
We exist for to provide opportunities in the Ridgedale Community to learn and practice sewing and crafts. 
However, we welcome all residents of Chattanooga who share our love of crafts. 
(and we have a few regulars from Brainerd and East Lake to proove it!)

For more information: 
Contact LOIS at 423-697-1890.

How to get involved:
There are some days we cancel at the last minute due to other obligations. 
If you like you can add your name to the contact  list when you attend a session and sign in. 

The Facilities and materials and Supplies:
There are over a dozen long plastic topped buffet tables that we spread out on to cut out our fabric patterns. I do virtually all my fabric cutting here for my big projects. 
The room is well-lit, and we have some materials on site for general use as well as a few used sewing machines that were
donated by the Pro-Sew Shop on Dodds Ave. 
We also have a selection of fabric that has been donated by members of the community
to help us provide opportunities for people to affordably learn sewing. 

Some of things we have taught and learned from one another:
How to operate a Sewing Machine
How to read a sewing pattern
How to lay out and cut out your fabric from a pattern
Hand Quilting
Embroidery: Chain Stitch, Stem Stich, Satin Stitch, Cross Stitch, Chicken Scratch Embroidery, couched thread embroidery
Introduction to pattern drafting

We currently have a 3-pronged fundraising campaign to raise money to buy a new serger. 
1. Making aprons for $5 each.
2. We put out a cuss jar at meetings (5 cents per swear word) that is slowly raising funds for the serger.
(Some of those little old ladies can get quite bawdy sometimes!)
3. Preparing handsewn linen dishtowels for sale.

Current Service Projects:
1. We are also making doggie chew toys with squeakers to donate to the Humane Society. 
2. Upcoming projects: we will be making police vests for the Stuffed bears that the police hand out to children
who are taken into protective custody.

Future Plans:
We plan to set up an annual arts festival in the park around the Corner on 12th St next year.
and would like to set up a crafts market a couple years down the road. 

Hope to see you there!

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9th June 2008

leftythenwrite7:32pm: Hey!
Just wanted to intro myself and say hello! My name is Chasity and I am turning 30 in about a month. I am "mom" to two awesome kids and I go to college full time. I am very new at sewing. So new in fact, I have only completed 4 projects. I was thrilled to see this group because I am trying to teach myself. It's going pretty well so far.

I would love to do any meet-ups and sew or talk about sewing or whatever. I keep a busy schedule, but I can usually swing a Friday or Saturday night.

18th May 2008

scarletmorbidia2:58pm: A little off topic, but...
This is an odd question, but I've not had much luck anywhere else --
Is there anywhere around Chattanooga that sells jewelry findings and settings, specifically cameo settings? I miss Fat Jane's, and Hobby Lobby or Michael's never seems to have any in the 40x30 or 18x13 sized ones.
I can always get them on online, but I prefer to buy local if possible. :D


Also, any news on when there's going to be a Church of Craft meeting or future Stitch n' Bitches? I noticed the sites were down for CoC. Let me know if you need someone to maintain the website - I don't mind helping out if it's needed since I'm currently unemployed and having a horrible time finding a job.
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20th April 2008

themissiah8:37am: Church of Craft is Cancelled
I'm so sorry, first of all, for the short notice.

Something important has come up this afternoon and I need to cancel the meeting. I would not normally do this, but under the circumstances, it has to be done. I apologize for any inconvenience.


18th April 2008

my_lady_f1:58am: 1920's costuming inspirations
I just watched "A Very Long Engagement", which is a french film set in the late teens and early 1920's, france. The costumes are just wonderful and it got me thinking how I'd like to make an outfit or two from that era for kicks and grins. (I really just want to have a tea party in costume in my old house...). 

I recommend the book to anyone interested in that style of costuming. It had excellent details for the stage sets as well, with the Art Nouveau script subway signs proclaiming "METROPLITAN", and the furniture and housewares were all a pleasure to look at.

Anyone else into this time period? 
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6th April 2008

themissiah10:53pm: Local Market
Oh, and I meant to mention that there is an open air market that occurs every month here in Chattanooga. If any of you are interested in being a vendor, email me at chattanoogachurchofcraft (at) sent (dot) com and I will give you the name and number of the person in charge. The market is called Point of View and the next one will be on May 3rd. It's at the corner of 29th and Dodds.

They are really young and trying to get going. The money from vending will go towards creating carbon neutral (pushing towards carbon negative) businesses on the land. The land itself is virgin land - nothing has ever been built on it. They really need support, with vendor and shoppers, so tell anyone you know about it. It's a great way to sell your stuff and help a great cause at the same time.
themissiah2:02pm: Next Chattanooga Church of Craft Gathering
The next Chattanooga Church of Craft Gathering will be on Sunday - April 20, 2008.

It will be at...

Greenlife Grocery from 3 - 5 pm (upstairs in the deli)

Greenlife's address is 301 Manufactures Road in Chattanooga.

Bring friends and a project, or just come and hang out with us. Please don't bring overly large or messy projects. We have limited room (we will be at tables). We embrace all kinds of creativity, including and NOT limited to knitting and crochet. We also are a very diverse group, so all are welcome.

To find out more about us, go here. Help us promote by printing and passing out the flyer on this page to anyone you think would be interested. Thanks!

4th April 2008

my_lady_f4:24pm: Let's meet in April
Well it looks like the last meeting anyone held was in January. 

I received responses from 




Expressing interest in meeting.  

From the link that scarletmorbida sent, 


it appears that there are a lot of little groups on this or that blog, all trying separately to get some interest up for meetings. Here are some links for other craft groups:

Chattanooga Church of Craft posted Thursday, March 20, 2008

They will be posting a meeting date soon and I have asked that they cross post to this list if possible. 

The question we need to ask, is if they don't have something coming up this week, would we like to go ahead & schedule a meeting of our own? If so, what nights are you available?

I'm only available weeknights on weekends, Wednesday evening or Thursday evening - unless you want to meet with the Ridgedale group on Tuesdays and Fridays (today is cancelled due to the incoming storms, the little old ladies in the group don't like driving in heavy rain as it's hard for them to see). 

It seemed from all of the other posts, that there were a lot of people from Ooltewah/Cleaveland areas as well as Chattanooga, so the Hamilton Place area might be good. 

Would the Barnes & Noble work? And if so, are they ok with people bringing in their sewing projects?

Other possible places include Panaera Bread outside the Target on Gunbarrel,  Starbucks across the street from Barnes & Noble, or some other coffee shop with comfy seating. 

I would have suggested somewhere on Fraizer St, like Mudpie, but their lighting is dim (not condusive to handwork) and it's now pay-to-park which I find annoying. Aretha Frankenstein's on Tremont St is cozy if we are a small group and they have a nice menu and as the weather gets nicer the porch and patio will be a good place to spread out. 

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2nd April 2008

my_lady_f11:26pm: A more proper introduction / future meetings?
Hello again. I've had a chance to glance trough the last few archives and I'd be interested in helping to revive activitiy in this group if anyone is interested.

A little about myself.  I do both hand an machine sewing, historic costume and special occasion sewing (usually draft my own patterns), many forms of hand embroidery, some needlelace, beadwork, handspun yarn, some more modest levels of weaving (usually with more primitive looms - cardweaving, backstrap looms, navajo, tapestry, and some pile rugs), natural dyes on both fibers before spinning into yarn or felting up, and of yarns and fabrics in small batches (a few yards in one batch is all I can hold in my my current stockpot collection), felting, leatherwork,  some knitting but no crochet (it appears to be my blind spot), papermaking, and some carving (soapstone, amber, bone, and chip carving on wood). 

I'm horrible about throwing away scraps so a quilt may be in my future this year to reconcile some of those scraps. 

Also done some painting and drawing as well - I'm at least functional in that area. 
I also love cooking and tea parties and gardening. 

I'm active in a living history group called the Society for Creative Anachronisim (or SCA for short), which researches and recreates pre-1600 Society by practings the arts and the pastimes at events they hold on weekends. That's where I learned a lot of my advanced skills. 

When not playing in the SCA, I'm active in my community sewing group the Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts Society that I posted about previously.  It's mostly a bunch of little old ladies with a very excellent and sometimes bawdy sense of humor (you know when you get old you don't have to care about what other people think). Sometimes they have me laughing so hard I get stomach cramps. 

It's the first time I've really got to play with a successful sewing group, you know, where it's like you imagine an ideal sewing group can be in your mind's eye, where everyone has their own few areas of expertise, so anytime someone has a problem with a project, there is usually someone who can figure out the answer to the problem, or offer a couple solutions for the person working on the project to consider. We all come to the table with a lot of entheusiasm and gain vicarious pleasure from one another's projects. 

I've got several large sewing projects coming up this year that require huge hours of handwork, and I'd like to have some of it being around other people. So if anyone wants to get together one night at one of the coffee houses or bookstores and work on our projects, I'd be interested. And once I get this darn parlor done, I might just be able to host a tea party/stitch n bitch if anyone is game to attend. Just a thought. 

I'd also able to teach if anyone is interested in learning anything. If there are a few people who want to learn the same thing, we could do a workshop. No huge fees or anything - although depending on the class and project I've seen workshop material fees run between $2 and $10 for something really fancy.

I realize that making regular posts are the key to this community showing up on any searches anyone does on crafts in the chattanooga area, so I'll try to post once a week, and if anyone else is on this list that would like for this group to become more active, it might be nice to do a post saying what you are working on. 

I've been trying to save my money lately and not go out to eat so often, so I've been cooking at home a lot. A surprising crafting side benefit has been that one uses a lot of yellow onions in "low-cost cooking".  I have been saving the papery onion skins so I can make a batch of yellow dye for some wool that I'm going to be spinning up into thread.  I've got a few other natural dyes stashed away, so a natural dye workshop might be something to consider.
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28th March 2008

my_lady_f5:17pm: Intro and info on Ridgedale sewing group

Just found this group searching through LJ communities related to Chattanooga. 

I'll post a longer intro sometime this weekend after reading the archives. 

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the Ridgedale Sewing and Craft Society. 

We meet on Tuesdays (sewing) and Friday (Quilts & Crafting) nights from 6-8PM in the upstairs Meeting room of the Parks & Rec Dept at 1122 Watkins St in Ridgedale (that's the neighborhood between Highland Park and Missionary Ridge.  The entrance is on Watkins between 12th and Vance. (it's across the street from the RL Stowe Dye & Finishing plant.

The pro-sew shop donated a few machines to us and all sorts of people have donated fabrics and craft items. 
Our main goal is to have a place for the residents of ridgedale to learn and practice sewing and crafts, but we welcome interested parties from surrounding communities - we have a couple of folks from Brainerd and East Lake amongst our regulars. 

Meetings are pretty informal, we all teach each other and work on our own projects. We have about a dozen members give or take a few, and several of them are on a vintage apron kick. (a couple of months ago it was skirts).

Will post more soon. For now I'm Late! 

4th February 2008

djinny4:26pm: Do you still meet?

30th April 2007

moulin_violett1:08pm: Crochet Lovers - UNITE! ;) j/k
Hi, My name's Kristen, and I'm addicted to crocheting. LOL I don't know how to do anything much, just scarves and basic stuff like blankets and pot holders. LOL But I love the art! It's my stress relief. Just thought I'd see if anything is going on in this comm. :)

Keep Hooking! ;)

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20th June 2006

mamapeanut3:52pm: Just a reminder:
The Stitch 'n Bitch is alive & going strong.

We still meet on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 at the Stone Cup on Frazier Avenue.

1st May 2006

alphapythia12:39pm: New to group
Hey guys. I know a few of you, but I'm new to the group. I would love to come to a SnB, but I'm kinda torn on Tues nights as I already am away from my child then to take Yoga and as a full time working mom (by nessesity not choice) I really value my time with my kid. Anyway, I'd like to make it now and again and wanted to say "hi!" first. Are y'all meeting tomorrow night??
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10th April 2006

mamapeanut2:56pm: A SnB announcement
Tomorrow night is Stitch 'n Bitch* & baseball!

We're planning on meeting at Bellsouth Park at the top of the escalators at 6pm. Tickets are $4. The game starts at 6:15pm. If anyone shows up later please call Amy (or any of us) to find out where we are sitting.

*We don't know if they'll actually let us bring our knitting into the stadium. So it's up to you if you want to bring it.

If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to email me: girl.incognito @ gmail.com (without the spaces, of course.)

9th April 2006

mamapeanut9:36pm: New Knitty
The new Knitty is up.

Is it Tuesday yet?

15th March 2006

sonnetxxix5:16pm: Hi! My name's Lindsay and I've been looking for some knitters in Chattanooga. I was wondering if y'all still meet? I'd love to join up.
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