Knitters Meetup Wed 2/25/09

Last week we had three folks show up.

This week the Knitters Meetup is
Wed 2/25/09 at 7:30 PM
The Stone Cup 
330 Frazier Ave Chattanooga
Directly aross the Street from the Chevron Gas Station
FYI. it's free parking after 4:30 PM
You can also park behind the building on River St and come up the metal stairs that go to the porch with outdoor seating.

Comment here or email me at if you want to recevie email notifications.

Everyone interested in knitting is welcome, regardless of experience level. Look forward to seeing everyone!

FEB MEETUP! Wed. 2/17/09 @ 7:30 PM

I'll be at the Stone Cup Fraiser Ave Wed. 7:30PM
I sent an Email inquiry out to E to find out if the regular group is still going.
I'll also email the people on my list as a reminder.
I've got 2 projects I'm working on right now that I'll be bringing.


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Latest project: Fingerless gloves

I've been working up my own patterns. 
I had a friend who wanted a pair of fingerless gloves/mitts, so I had her send me some measurements,
and this is what I made for her:

She wanted them joined between the fingers, so I had to work that out:

Now I need to make a pair for me!

So what have you guys been working on?
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February Meetups?

It's so dreary out, I thought it would be nice to host a get together sometime in February to work on our knitting.
I live behind barking Legs Theater right off of Dodds. Would anyone be interested in a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? 

I'd put out hot tea and cookies.....yeah, I admit's an excuse to pull out the china.

Please comment or email if interested: 
Include "February meetup" in the subject line if interested.

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Still having SNB on Tuesday nites? Hope so....

Hi! I'm Karen and am feeling hopeful that some of you are still meeting on Tuesdays at the Stone Cup (or sometime, somewhere!). Are you? Thanks for letting me know where and when so I can come out for all the hoopla...;-).  Happy Holidays to everyone! (I'm new to livejournal, too, so in case my email doesn't show, it is karenspath at hotmail dot com.

Hello All!

First Intro:

I'm female, short, in my late 20's and a fiber addict. I just recently moved to the area, and am loving the town and surrounding countryside. I mostly knit, but am learning to sew and hoping to learn to spin very soon. I've been knitting for a couple of years, and am currently delving into Selbuvotter, because I love the patterns and also have chronically freezing hands and a greyhound to walk every morning. Obviously, insanely complex traditional wool mittens are the only answer. I also aspire to knit embarrassing sweaters handsome, upscale knitwear for my needle-nosed goofball elegant hound to show off to all the neighborhood dog-walkers. :)

Followed By Plea for Help:

I have a bit of a sock emergency. This morning one of my teensy sock needles was broken in a tragic four-year-old vs. couch collision. I had to order this set online, and would much rather find some to buy locally. But I'm having a hard time finding anyplace that might sell such a thing around here.

Tell me it's not true that the only nice LYS-type-places are ONLY open Fridays and Saturdays???

If this IS the ugly, ugly truth, then which shop would you recommend once my agonizing wait is over?

Thank you in advance for your kind support.
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Yarn Works off of Broad St.

Hey guy  & gals!


Couple of weeks ago I checked out Yarn Works. It's a little place just off of Broad St. I was pleased that in additon to yarn, they carried a selection of fibers for HAND SPINNING!

WOO HOO! A breakthrough for Chattanooga. Used to be I'd have to order online or go through earth guild.
They have a nice selection of sample fibers and can also order for you.

They are open Friday and Saturday only right now but do a lot of workshops and classes at other times.

Their yarns were nice but pricey. But good yarn don't come cheap unless you make it yourself.

So is anyone interested in learning how to  handspin yarn? I was thinking about teaching a workshop on it this fall - I'll do a seperate post if anyone is interested.


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Sewing & Crafts...Tuesdays & Fridays 6-8PM

The Ridgedale Sewing & Crafts Society
Hosts regular Sewing & Crafts get-togethers 
6-8PM Tuesdays (Sewing) and Fridays (Quilting & Crafts)
Upstairs Meeting Room 
Parks & Recreation Building
1102 South Watkins St

Just around the corner from Barking Legs Theater...
From Dodds Ave, turn onto 12th street between the Souf Market and the Funeral Home, 
Proceed on 12th Street for 3 blocks, 
Turn right onto Watkins Ave, 
Parks & Rec Building is on the right, 
Entrance at rear by the flagpole. Plenty of Parking.

Non-Ridgedale residents are always welcome! 
Please Come! This meeting place is HUGE! 
Our sewing group loves meeting with other craftspersons and welcome other sewing groups to come and join us!

The Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts society is under the auspices of the Ridgedale Community Association.
We exist for to provide opportunities in the Ridgedale Community to learn and practice sewing and crafts. 
However, we welcome all residents of Chattanooga who share our love of crafts. 
(and we have a few regulars from Brainerd and East Lake to proove it!)

For more information: 
Contact LOIS at 423-697-1890.

How to get involved:
There are some days we cancel at the last minute due to other obligations. 
If you like you can add your name to the contact  list when you attend a session and sign in. 

The Facilities and materials and Supplies:
There are over a dozen long plastic topped buffet tables that we spread out on to cut out our fabric patterns. I do virtually all my fabric cutting here for my big projects. 
The room is well-lit, and we have some materials on site for general use as well as a few used sewing machines that were
donated by the Pro-Sew Shop on Dodds Ave. 
We also have a selection of fabric that has been donated by members of the community
to help us provide opportunities for people to affordably learn sewing. 

Some of things we have taught and learned from one another:
How to operate a Sewing Machine
How to read a sewing pattern
How to lay out and cut out your fabric from a pattern
Hand Quilting
Embroidery: Chain Stitch, Stem Stich, Satin Stitch, Cross Stitch, Chicken Scratch Embroidery, couched thread embroidery
Introduction to pattern drafting

We currently have a 3-pronged fundraising campaign to raise money to buy a new serger. 
1. Making aprons for $5 each.
2. We put out a cuss jar at meetings (5 cents per swear word) that is slowly raising funds for the serger.
(Some of those little old ladies can get quite bawdy sometimes!)
3. Preparing handsewn linen dishtowels for sale.

Current Service Projects:
1. We are also making doggie chew toys with squeakers to donate to the Humane Society. 
2. Upcoming projects: we will be making police vests for the Stuffed bears that the police hand out to children
who are taken into protective custody.

Future Plans:
We plan to set up an annual arts festival in the park around the Corner on 12th St next year.
and would like to set up a crafts market a couple years down the road. 

Hope to see you there!

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Just wanted to intro myself and say hello! My name is Chasity and I am turning 30 in about a month. I am "mom" to two awesome kids and I go to college full time. I am very new at sewing. So new in fact, I have only completed 4 projects. I was thrilled to see this group because I am trying to teach myself. It's going pretty well so far.

I would love to do any meet-ups and sew or talk about sewing or whatever. I keep a busy schedule, but I can usually swing a Friday or Saturday night.