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Let's meet in April

Well it looks like the last meeting anyone held was in January. 

I received responses from 




Expressing interest in meeting.  

From the link that scarletmorbida sent,

it appears that there are a lot of little groups on this or that blog, all trying separately to get some interest up for meetings. Here are some links for other craft groups:

Chattanooga Church of Craft posted Thursday, March 20, 2008

They will be posting a meeting date soon and I have asked that they cross post to this list if possible. 

The question we need to ask, is if they don't have something coming up this week, would we like to go ahead & schedule a meeting of our own? If so, what nights are you available?

I'm only available weeknights on weekends, Wednesday evening or Thursday evening - unless you want to meet with the Ridgedale group on Tuesdays and Fridays (today is cancelled due to the incoming storms, the little old ladies in the group don't like driving in heavy rain as it's hard for them to see). 

It seemed from all of the other posts, that there were a lot of people from Ooltewah/Cleaveland areas as well as Chattanooga, so the Hamilton Place area might be good. 

Would the Barnes & Noble work? And if so, are they ok with people bringing in their sewing projects?

Other possible places include Panaera Bread outside the Target on Gunbarrel,  Starbucks across the street from Barnes & Noble, or some other coffee shop with comfy seating. 

I would have suggested somewhere on Fraizer St, like Mudpie, but their lighting is dim (not condusive to handwork) and it's now pay-to-park which I find annoying. Aretha Frankenstein's on Tremont St is cozy if we are a small group and they have a nice menu and as the weather gets nicer the porch and patio will be a good place to spread out. 

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